"Promotional Rescue Saved Me!"

-Maria Bamford - Comedian

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PR Consulting

1-on-1 sessions focused on creating your ultimate image/brand, teaching you how to use social media effectively and how to do outreach to larger opportunities like press, representation, and bigger and better gigs without feeling gross.

What is Promotional Rescue?

Promotional Rescue offers PR consulting, social media management, and artist management with a focus on independent artists and creative small business owners. 

The truth is we live in a world where pretty much anyone can start a business, make a movie, or record an album in their living room.  The great news is our dreams are closer than ever. The bad news is this creates a vast amount of saturation, making it feel almost impossible for our projects and creative small biz ideas to be seen and heard. That’s why, now more than ever; our dreams need help cutting through the static to get the attention they deserve.

One of the reasons why I launched Promotional Rescue was because I watched so many artists and creative small business owners think that the lack of success for their project was because the project was no good, but what I saw was a FINE project, but a BAD promoter. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is good at everything. Everyone needs help, direction and a fresh pair of eyes to make sure you are being of ultimate service to your project. 

You didn't spend the last however many years writing a memoir, producing an album. writing/directing your film, busting your butt to land a co-starring role, or launching your small biz to have it sit in some dark corner of the internet. No freaking way. In order for you get your goods in front of more eyeballs you need direction and support. 


Who Do You Work With? 

I work with independent artists and creative small business owners who want to look like a pro online, learn how to use social media to grow a loyal audience and connect with press, reviewers, and healthy collaborators. 

I Work With People Who Are Ready To Rock n' Roll

If you're super passionate about your music, film, acting career, writing, and or new creative biz idea, but aren't sure how to get it out of your head, off your hard drive and out into the world OR you've put it out there, but aren't seeing results, then I can help. 

I Work With People Who Can NOT Wait To Stop Wasting Their Time In A Dark Corner Of The Internet

As a creative person and small biz owner myself, I understand your time and financial situation, which is that you probably aren't swimming in it. You want to be told what to do and put it into motion ASAP. 

I Work With People Who Are Ready To Face Their Fears About The Next Level

Who wants to waste another day screwing around trying to figure what the hell to do, only to find out what you've done isn't working? 

I Work With People Who Want To Feel AWESOME About Their Promotion