Promotional Rescue One Day Workshop

Promotional Rescue One Day Workshop


Rescue your promotion in this one day workshop perfect for Musicians, Actors, Writers, Filmmakers, Artists, Comedians and Creative Small Biz Owners!

"Melanie is a PR Consulting Wizard!" - Melinda Hill

In this workshop, you will get direction on how to create an elevated image/brand that will help you attract an audience and larger opportunities like press/features, representation, more satisfying collaborations and bigger/better gigs!

Specifically, you'll get direction on how to -

  • Write a bio that doesn't suck

  • Choose photos that elevate your image

  • What to put on your website to "buy time" from your audience

  • Clean up your social media so you look like a pro

  • Share on social media effectively

  • Do outreach that gets you featured and booked on bigger/better shows

The Workshop will take place at the Promotional Rescue Pasadena Office. Address will be given when you sign up.

If you can't make it to the workshop you can enroll in the Promotional Rescue First Aid Kit Video Series and get the same info in a series of videos and PDFs HERE

You shouldn’t feel GROSS about your self-promotion!!

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