"Melanie is a Rock Star! She created a beautiful, simple, clear and effective website that has opened many doors and helped me take the next steps in my career!"

- Ethan Herschenfeld - Actor/Comedian (Boardwalk Empire, Girls, Damages)


Having an effective website is paramount in your promotion process. Hiring just a web designer is fine, but they might not understand promotion and how to build a site that helps an audience engage with you and or your project. In addition to building a website for you, I will also teach you how to keep it up do date and how to access it. Understanding the traffic thats coming to your site will help you make more informed promotional decisions.


Personal Promotional Website 

These websites are for people showcasing their work and helping an audience get to shows, watch content, listen to music and book them for bigger and better gigs. 

Commerce Website 

These websites are for people who sell products and services. Created to inform and impress an audience so they stay engaged and pull the trigger on signing up!


Below are some examples of my work. Click on the images to be taken to the full site.