"Melanie is a PR Consulting wizard!"

- Melinda Hill - Comedian/Actress/Writer


Melanie is a PR consultant and owner of Promotional Rescue who's worked with super-talented indie artists and creative small biz owners, ranging from Grammy Nominated Rock Stars to total newbies who are venturing into their very first project. She started her PR career at a Los Angeles boutique record label and quickly moved up the ranks to Vice-President of Public Relations using her talents as an accomplished comedian, director, and writer to create and oversee quality content.

As a creative person herself she deeply understands the emotional, spiritual and financial challenges her clients face in promoting themselves and their work. As a publicist she noticed a reoccurring theme with her clients who usually came to her in some sort of disarray about how to "get out there"! Unsure of their next moves, unclear as to where to focus, and usually short on cash to hire a traditional PR firm, she noticed she was doing a waaaaay different kind of PR...she was doing Promotional Rescue!

Melanie's passionate about helping people see their creative projects and creative small biz ideas through to larger opportunities like press, reviews, features and much more earning capacity. Because that's awesome. In addition to giving some solid direction from her years of experience, she also gives that vital support that ensures her clients reach their goals and don't crap out right before things are about to get good.


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